Kitchen & cabinetry designer and manufacturer

About Us

Established since 1991 by an esteemed group of inspired Thai architects, each with many years of experience. Kitchenette excels in creating dream kitchen solutions as well as other custom-made cabinetries specifically designed to reflect individual lifestyle.  We are committed to the highest standard of quality materials and superb craftsmanship, in collaboration with highly capable professionals, to create unique and inspirational products for our clients.

Our Principle

Kitchenette is determined to pursue for excellence and quests for the best of each and every detail.  We always put our utmost effort in fulfilling the client’s requirements as well as striving to achieve the desired outcome without compromising beauty and functions.  Constant communication with clients and genuine advices based on years of unflappable research are our priorities to achieve a successful solution based on the utmost benefits to our clients.

Our Products

Kitchenette’s cabinet structure is made of termite-resistant solid teak wood.  We recognize the responsible use of wood supplied from plantations with respect to nature and comply with local and international laws as well as organization standard. For external panels, we offer various types of solid wood such as Ash, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, and Teak. High-quality European furniture hardware and accessories are selectively used.  Durability and functionality of our products are skillfully ensured.  We offer distinctive styles and designs ranging from modern, elegant modern, modern classic, to the Victorian classic style, to serve our clients different taste and lifestyle.

Our People

Kitchenette’s teams comprise itself of uniquely qualified designers who artfully convert client’s requirements into blueprints of practical and aesthetic kitchens. The production team of highly experienced carpenters, painters and wood workers skillfully transfer designed drawings to reality.  Above all, we have a team of well-trained front line personnel who are the focal point of coordination, from the very first day of clients’ contact till completion of work until total satisfaction is achieved. Our intimate knowledge will extend towards continuous after sales and installation services.

Our Process

Whereas clients have individual inspirations of a dreamed kitchen, Kitchenette is dedicated to transform those into drawings, production, and installation.  Our highly trained staff allocates a great deal of time gathering any and all information requests by the clients, to ensure that all wants and needs are incorporated into the proposed design as well as the finished products.  One of Kitchenette’s vital roles is to provide utility diagrams consisting of locations and specifications of water system as well as electrical outlets for kitchen appliances.  After site readiness, our technicians are dispatched to do on-site inspection and measurement to ensure accuracy and precision on production and installation work.  We are readily to coordinate and facilitate with client’s main contractor and to closely monitor the progress of site construction and preparation.  To ensure our high quality standards, The Quality Control team will carry out the inspection process from the production line to the completion of installation.  Ultimately, the work is delivered to the proud and highly satisfied clients.

Our Studios